Saturday, 1 June 2019

Singer Omawumi Looking Smoky Hot In Red Dress

The mother of one shared new photos on her Instagram account.  Omawumi caption:

My BK of Life!

We first laid eyes on eachother 9 years ago yesterday. Who knew God's plan for us? This God ehn... It started like a whirlwind, we were just lost in eachother without definition until eye clear! 2 months later belle show! As confused as we were, with tension and rumours flying about, you stood strong and solid with me. All these years have passed and we have morphed from hidden lovers, to friends, to parents, to life partners... So wan I toast you small.

I know you’re God sent. Be like scope, abi? Maybe na the wisdom wey dey your smile. The unflinching love and kindness wey I see for your eyes always. The patience hidden in your frowns. Or God that I see in you Because clearly, you too understand me.
They say luck is predictable, but I never predicted you. You showed up and changed this thing called life into paradise. And I have been lucky so many times with you.
Thank you for making it a duty to make me happy. Thank you accepting me and my excesses (I get am plenty). Thank you for being another unbelievable dream that came true. “Many things that I have done wrong, but I know I’m right on this one. Baby, na you be my last bus-stop.” Yes, I wrote you a song, and I hope it says everything about the way I feel. And I Snapped this photo for you because You, my darling, have given me the best moments of my life. If I were to go on this journey again, I’ll choose you every single time.
Because what would life be worth, Without You?


Photo by @mofebamuyiwa
Makeup by @mz_lammie
Self styled in @maiatafo robe😁.

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