Saturday, 1 June 2019

Meek Mill has received an apology after accusations of racism.

The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel released a statement on Friday in which they took responsibility for any wrongdoing.

This all began when the 32-year-old rapper accused the casino of racial discrimination last weekend, after they threatened to arrest him for trespassing when he was not allowed into their day club.

Though the hotel has previously said it was to do with capacity not race, the hotel has now given rapper Meek the public apology that they promised. 
Taking full responsibility for the situation, their statement said that they apologized regarding how everything was handled. 

'We apologize to Meek Mill for how we handled the situation on Saturday, May 25, as we did not act in a respectful manner and were wrong,' they began.
Meek Mill has not had any prior incidents on our property. The Cosmopolitan has zero tolerance for discrimination and we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive environment.'

Continuing on, they welcomed the artist back to their hotel as a guest.

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