Friday, 10 May 2019

Tonto Dikeh's Son Will Be Affected By Her Public Meltdown - Daddy Freeze

In a well calculated effort to slander her ex-husband, Tonto Dikeh embarked on a nuclear online media assault on Mr. Olakunle Churchill who was once her husband and also the father of her son. To put it lightly,
Tonto Dikeh had come for his head, she alleged every negative attributes a man could possibly have from lying to being an homosexual to being a wife beater and to being an internet fraudstar amongst so many other things like being a dead beat father. To someone with a level head, it would surely be impossible for a saintly person like Tonto Dikeh to end up with suchup in a relationship with someone without any good attribute considering she had verbatim stated what she looked out for in her ideal husband which is the man has to be heavily rich and reputably famous, hence why she "fell victim" of her ex-husband's honey mouth whom she allegedly thought was son of an ex-president, which would also mean he has free bucket-load of cash to spend on his wife and also an ideal breading partner that will extend the ancestral tree of an ex-president, essentially she will become the daughter-in-law to ex-president, Obasanjo and her child will also directly by blood be the grand-child to an ex-president, Olusegun Obasanjo; someone who knows so much about who they want to marry can hardly fall victim of "deceit", since they themselves are looking for a marriage of convenience built on deceit and not on love because no woman ever walked up to a man and said I just want to marry you because of the money and name you have, it always usually starts with a love narrative.
 Since her expectations of being a rich housewife was dashed, Tonto Dikeh has been trying all in her power to "destroy" her ex-husband and granting several interviews including one with controversial cool fm, OAP, Daddy Freeze. The thing with Daddy Freeze is that he has been (or still in) the exact situation as Tonto Dikeh is now, his ex-wife has accused him of numerous crimes including domestic violence and beating her up; he is still trying to clear up his name in that respect. His only reply is that his ex-wife and mother of his kids was bitter and salty - An explanation which Olakunle Churchill is also trying to run with, but these days men have to answer these allegations more precisely than just coming up with the angry "ex-wife" line because it is just not acceptable to the society. Tonto Dikeh and Churchill had a terrible relationship and both ended up the way they - that is unique to their relationship, there are many other couples that have just managed to work things out just fine and have a peaceful and prosperous relationship.
The one point Daddy Freeze had erred was when he revisited the topic and seems to validate the actions of Tonto Dikeh stating that her actions would bear no negative effect on her son and in a way saying shaming the kids father or stating that he is fatherless (whereby he is not) would have will not affect the son despite the fact that this kid would someday hope to become a father and not a "fatherless father", Daddy Freeze got it totally wrong because the charade sold by Tonto Dikeh can never stand the test of time. Daddy Freeze said that Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna were able to get away with doing some naughty stuff earlier in their lives before ending up being some of the most important women in the society and their kids were not affected by things they had done earlier in their lives as times have moved on and things that were once frowned upon by the society has become generally acceptable, another way of saying the standard has been lowered. It is only a matter of time before the son begin to ask questions and in the situation where he is also looking to become a father in future, he will surely be seeking to learn from a father figure or a male role model in future. The second trouble for Tonto Dikeh is when the son finally finds a women he wants to live his life with, this time Tonto Dikeh will be almost irrelevant in his life - I doubt she will be able to take such a position as she has already put huge expectations on the kid, saying that when he grows he will buy her houses and cars that her husband couldn't buy for her, but she forgets that the son will have his own family and if his wife is anything like Tonto Dikeh, she might as well just forget all those fairy tale dreams she is having because no woman will allow her husband's mum, like a Tonto Dikeh have any sort of influence on her home or her husband. This right here just makes me feel Tonto Dikeh can never be satisfied and the earlier she starts appreciating her blessed position in life, the less misery she will be piling on herself in the long run

Let me know your thoughts on this subject and the stance of Daddy Freeze, considering his unfavourable history with women.

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