Thursday, 9 May 2019

Danny Baker is sacked after he posted a 'racist' royal baby tweet yesterday

Danny Baker today blasted 'pompous' BBC bosses after he was fired for a 'joke' tweet of a couple with a monkey that he posted hours after the Sussexes' baby was unveiled to the world, but made the excuse he didn't even know it was Meghan who had given birth.

The BBC Radio 5 Live host said he had been 'literally thrown under the bus' as he was fired over the phone this morning, later revealing he had told station chiefs to 'f*** off.'

The broadcaster, who denied he was racist as he spoke on the doorstep of his £2million home, sparked outrage after uploading an image of a couple holding hands with a monkey in a suit with the caption: 'Royal baby leaves hospital.'

Baker, 61, deleted the picture as soon as he realised the controversy and later branded it a 'stupid unthinking gag' when he was hit by a huge backlash, insisting that it was about 'privilege and class' and not about race.

Today Baker insisted that he was unaware which members of the royal family had welcomed a new baby - saying: 'I didn't know which of our royal princesses had given birth.'

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