Monday, 25 March 2019

Mandy Moore Hollywood Walk Of Fame induction

The former pop princess was 'excited and nervous' about the honor, which costs a $40K fee to the nomination committee. 

Sterling K. Brown - who plays her onscreen grown-up son Randall - picked the squealing 34-year-old up over her newly-minted sidewalk star located at 6562 Hollywood Blvd.

 'I am so excited to be with all of you today,' Mandy gushed from the podium.

'It is a tremendous honor to join the ranks of talents whose stars and legacy line Hollywood Boulevard. As a little girl from Orlando, Florida who got her start singing the National Anthem, I'm not sure I ever would have dreamed this big.
 'I never thought anything like this would ever come to light and yet here we are and it's deeply humbling.'

Moore fanned out her sleeveless nude midi-dress and burgundy pumps, which she covered with a teal maxi-coat selected by stylist Cristina Ehrlich.

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