Thursday, 28 March 2019

Gabrielle Union, 46, stars on the new cover for Parents magazine with daughter Kaavia

The surrogacy was kept a secret until Kaavia was born in November so both Gabrielle, 46, and Dwyane, 37, could enjoy the time without media pressure.

But now Gabrielle is willing to divulge more into her life as a new mother while starring on the cover of Parents for its May issue — as the actress reveals she doesn't feel like she needs to be the 'perfect parent'.
Now that Kaavia is four months old, Gabrielle told the publication she has learned it is OK to be human while balancing motherhood.

'When I need a minute to return emails or cry or mindlessly scroll through social media, I'll take it,' she said.

'I'm not trying to be a perfect parent… I'm OK with life not being balanced. I'm not hitting it out of the park in every area.

'There are times I should be studying lines, but I'm playing with my baby and I'm enjoying it.'

The journey to have a child was difficult for Gabrielle as she experienced multiple miscarriages and unsuccessful attempts with IVF over the course of five years.

'There was a lot of pain, and a lot of disappointment,' the actress said about the fertility difficulties.

She admitted to feeling 'like a complete loser and failure' due to her inability to get pregnant.

After years of trying, she and Dwyane decided to turn to surrogacy.

'I felt such a relief. To hear her breathing and crying was a dream,' Gabrielle said once Kaavia was born. 'She represents that maybe there is a light at the end.'   

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