Friday, 15 February 2019

U.S. trade with Britain will rise 'very substantially' after Brexit,- President Donald Trump

The President had previously warned that Theresa May's plans for close alignment with Brussels could 'kill' the prospect of a transatlantic deal. 

Speaking at the White House today Trump signalled Washington welcomed a new trade agreement with Britain and said 'we are agreeing to move forward'. 

His comments will be seen as a boost for Brexiteer hopes that Britain's departure from the EU will enable successful free trade deals around the world. 
'We're agreeing to go forward and preserve our trade agreement,' Trump said in Washington today.
'You know all of the situation with respect to Brexit and the complexity and the problems, but we have a very good trading relationship with the UK and that's just been strengthened.

'With the UK we're continuing our trade and we're going to be increasing it very substantially as time goes by.

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