Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Jussie Smollett scenes on Empire have been drastically cut back

Jussie Smollett's scenes on Empire have been drastically cut back and writers are scrambling to come up with changes to make up for the gaps, it has been claimed.

TMZ cites anonymous production sources who say that the 36-year-old had nine key scenes in the new string of episodes of the Fox show and one big musical but that they have been cut.

Empire is in its fifth season. It last aired on December 5 and is due to return to screens in the spring but a date for the 10th episode of the season has not yet been announced.

The final episodes are still being filmed. Smollett, who was due to appear in at least nine prominent scenes and have his own musical, will now only be in eight and will appear on-screen with other characters.   

He is now required on set far less, according to the report, though the sources would not say if his role would be entirely written out.

He plays Jamal Lyon, one of the son's Terrance Howard's musical mogul character's sons.

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