Wednesday, 6 February 2019

American rapper R Kelly has been banned from a Danish radio network in the wake of sexual assault allegations against him.

The 52-year-old musician was accused in the documentary 'Surviving R Kelly' last month of having sex with underage girls and surrounding himself with sex slaves.

Kelly was convicted in 2002 over a video of himself committing sexual acts with a 14-year-old girl, but he was acquitted on appeal in 2008.

Bauer Media, which has almost three million listeners a week in Denmark, said it had barred Kelly after the 'very serious' claims. 
In the documentary 'Surviving R. Kelly', which was aired in early January, several women accused him of having sex with underage girls.

They also alleged the singer and producer had surrounded himself with women whom he made sex slaves.

'As a radio we have a responsibility on who we give the airtime to,' said Bauer Media official Tobias Nielsen.
It's very serious and we feel we can't have him on the playlists.'

Bauer Media runs The Voice, NOVA, Radio 100, Pop FM, Radio Soft and MyRock in Denmark, reaching around 2.7million listeners each week in a country of 5.8million.

One of Kelly's accusers, Faith Rodgers, said he wrote a letter threatening to reveal details of her sexual history if she did not drop a lawsuit.

In the lawsuit she accuses him of demeaning her, locking her in rooms and vehicles, and subjecting her to 'non-permissive, painful and abusive sex'.

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