Thursday, 18 October 2018

Sad Story! I was burned in a house fire when I was 2 years old back in 1985

 I was burned in a house fire when I was 2 years old back in 1985. My mother was 19 at the time and my little brother was just 8 months old. My mother was renting a small one bedroom house and noticed she smelled gas and had called the gas company.

The crew never showed up for the appointment because they could not locate the house due to the fact that it was behind a couple other houses in an alley. It was either that night or the next night the house went up in flames in the middle of the night. My mom panicked and got out ok and left my brother and I inside. I was rescued by a neighbor and my brother was found by a firefighter. He died a month later.
Over the years I basically grew up in hospitals and medical facilities and when i did go to school the kids were just soooo mean. I had friends here and there but kids would pull my wigs off and run around the playground with them and call me hateful names like crust the clown. I eventually had enough and became a class clown and got kids to laugh. I even stuck up to the bullies and took my wig off first and began chasing them around the school myself. Lol. Then high school hit and it was a different ball game because I just didn't fit in and had low self esteem and never had dates to homecoming or prom. I never really had a boyfriend or got invited to parties. It didnt help my parents were super strict so it made me want to act out more and get guys to like me. After I graduated high school I went to college 1000 miles away in Georgia and not too much later I got pregnant with my daughter at the age of 20. I felt free and wanted that attention from men so I settled for her dad but it wasnt anything serious and because of that I wanted to "break up" with him but found out I was 6 weeks pregnant so I moved back home to Michigan. I didn't know what I was doing but I think I did a great job. Breastfeeding was not for me at the time so I fed her formula. Forward to 14 years later and I'm pregnant at age 34 with a son that I've always wanted. With his father I thought I found the one but it didn't work out that way because I was too busy paying attention to the lies he fed me. -@schamica

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