Thursday, 26 July 2018

Rapper Common Defend Serena Williams Statement Accusation

Following tweets shared by Serena Williams on Tuesday night accusing officials of discrimination after confirming that she has been tested more than any other female player this year.

In a video shared by TMZ, rapper Common was questioned on his Serena’s latest ‘discrimination’ tweet, and he said that she’s being discriminated against because she is a black woman.

In his words:

 “As a black woman, do you think she’s getting discriminated against? YES. If they’re testing her more than anyone else, it’s a reason for that. And there’s conscious and subconscious and I would say conscious is the fact that she’s a black woman and they’re looking for some reason to be able to take her down and discredit her … but she’s the queen!”

Common added: “She’s one of the greatest figures in sports EVER and leaders. She’s an incredible human being. I don’t know why they wanna bring her down. She does so much for the sport.”

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