Thursday, 19 July 2018

Hollywood star Paul Rudd on the latest edition of the MR PORTER Journal about fame, family and friendship

His latest role goes some way towards representing his youthful appeal, some 23-years after he made his big-screen debut in iconic teen drama Clueless.

Indeed, taking the lead in Marvel adventure Ant-Man and the Wasp at the age of 49 suggests Paul Rudd has some way to go before fans grow weary of his famous deadpan delivery and notoriously self-deprecating brand of humour.

It is also the next significant step in an acting career that was sparked by a deep seated desire to be centre of attention, one he developed while growing up in Kansas with his British born parents, Michael and Gloria.

 People ask me, "When did you want to become an actor?" Well, subconsciously, I probably knew it when my sister was born and all of a sudden I wasn’t the only show in town anymore,' he told MR PORTER Journal.
 'And I learned early on. "Hey! Look what I can do, Mum and Dad... Oh, I’m making you laugh. Oh, I’m getting your approval. Please like me! I’m better than her!’

After winning his first film role in Clueless, he would go onto star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet, Sir Michael Caine in The Cider House Rules and the Cider House Rules and the late, great Donald Pleasance in Halloween spin-off The Curse Of Michael Myers.

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